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"Nas' marriage of keen instrumental wanderings and tight melodic passages is gorgeous." - Prog-Sphere

Louis starts by learning the piano when he was a young boy. Mainly versed into classical music, he will play the piano until his early twenties.

As a teenager, he develops a taste for Metal music and starts playing the guitar. He takes individual lessons for years before taking the guitar course at Music Academy International in Nancy (FRANCE). After that year, he establishes himself as a music teacher and begins to work as a composer and a session guitarist in many projects (theater plays, movies, bands...). Meanwhile he also pursues a parallel actor career.


Louis has always been drawn to music theory and composing.


Therefore, after he left the M.A.I. he kept studying with Shoenberg’s Textbook on Harmony and other books on Counterpoint and composing techniques.

He also takes lessons with the great guitarist and composer Daniele Gottardo. Although he doesn't play the piano anymore, he still uses the instrument daily to compose.


His love for composing ultimately led to the creation of his own project, Ominous Conclusions, which is a sort of dark instrumental progressive Metal influenced by the world and atmosphere of H.P. Lovecraft.

The modern classical touch and the orchestral textures remind the style of Danny ElfmanThis project sees the light with the release of his first album, Prequel, in 2019.

Over the years, Louis also collaborated with other projects such as French Orchestral Metal project Dreamslave, and Visual Kei band Régence.

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