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A Shooting for The Outsider

Even as things are not going well lately for Louis (electricity issues, broken gear, tightened budget...), he is still determined to go through with The Outsider 

While waiting for these technical issues to be fixed so that he can resume the edition and the recording of his EP, Louis still works on all the details and schedules to make this release successful, by constantly corresponding with:

  • The graphic artist in charge of the cover art

  • Two colleagues, a director and a cameraman, who will shoot the video clip of The Outsider

  • Another graphic artist who will make painted designs for the clip

He is also preparing for a press-release promotion and possibly a crowdfunding campaign.

The Castle

In the meantime, on August 12th, he did a shooting with professional photographer Nathalie Richard / Efficius ( ), at a wonderful castle of the XIth century: Château de Varennes-Lès-Mâcon.

"This place holds a very peculiar feeling somehow flirting with

the grotesque and the bizarre. It would really suit someone like 

Danny Elfman, and thus it is absolutely perfect for The Outsider!"  Louis

"All these objects inside remind me of Edward Scissorhands." Louis

Not only is the inside of this castle bearing an eerie ambiance, but also the outside stone walls, the mighty towers and the intimidating drawbridge entrance, with the right weather (which would be cloudy, in this case), perfectly picture a "lovecraftian" atmosphere.

The shooting

So it is in this ancestral residence that both the photoshoot and the shooting of the video clip were scheduled to take place. The video clip was scheduled for the end of the month, but because of Louis' recent troubles, this one is postponed and should now take place in November. 

Fortunately, nothing prevented the photoshoot to be held at the planned date and time.

So, on August 12th, Nathalie Richard made some great shots of Louis in that macabre ambiance to visually prepare the audience for the upcoming video clip.

Part of this shooting also took place in the forest, not far from the castle...

You can have access to the full shooting on Ominous Conclusions' website:

And you can also check out Nathalie Richard's work on her website here:

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