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About Discipline

This is the most important virtue of an independent artist!

No one is waiting for you, and therefore nothing happens unless you do something, and it requires constance and stamina.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I wouldn't change anything, I love this life! But it's true that it implies many sacrifices, and a hell of a discipline!

As an example, here's what a typical day looks like to me:

- I get up between 7 and 8 am given how much I'm rested and what I have to do.

- I start around 8:30 with my ear training routine

- Then I practice harmonic concepts or counterpoint

- Then, around 10 am, I start practicing guitar. And as I eat only one day out of two during the day, I can go on until 2 to 4pm.

- Then I come up and work on my project: writing e-mails, planning posts, responding to messages...

- Finally, about 6:30 - 7pm, I stop to do a bit of sport; usually intense body weight exercises for 5 to 15min.

I don't like to spend too much time on this cause this is a pain in my 😱^^ I just try to keep in shape and not look too bad when I'm naked.^^

- Then I shower and eat in front of a series' episode with my cats. 😸

- and finally get back to practice for another hour or two.

Then I go to bed about 10:30 - 11pm and read for a while before sleeping.

Of course, depending on my schedule, my day can be riddle here and there with the lessons I have to teach, but basically, this is it!

And except for Sundays, when I take it easy, and Saturdays when I take my time in the morning, I stick to this routine.

P.S. Of course, it's important to listen to yourself as well. You can't go on and on no matter what.

So if I feel tired, I will take some time for myself, but I'm honest with myself: I know the difference between when I feel tired and when I feel lazy.^^

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