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An enchanting place for an enchanting project!


Preparing for the release of his next EP, named after the tale from H. P. Lovecraft, The Outsider, Louis gets really ambitious with Ominous Conclusions.

As he announced, this release will take the form of a three-part musical piece that recounts the gloomy writer's tale through instrumental music played by orchestral instruments and electric guitar. This work can almost be considered as a concerto for electric guitar and symphonic orchestra, and is divided such:

  • Part I: Alone

  • Part II: An Uncertain Escape

  • Part III: A Ghoulish Revelation

This three-part division best emphasizes the key moments of the story and allows for a complete immersive experience.

The ambitious part "I know that's ambitious but I love that story and I really want this release to stand out." To do so, Louis contacted his best friend, Mathieu Hoarau, who has also been his main artistic colleague for more than a decade in music, cinema, and theater productions, to ask him to do a video clip for this musical piece. Together, they reached out to Florian Michel, a director who is used to work with Mathieu, and now the three of them started to work on a video clip which would put the whole story to the screen.

In other words the video clip will be divided in three parts, to match the musical piece, and thus last around fifteen minutes in its full length! But, if one wants to really respect this story and its atmosphere, one has to choose great locations! And recently, wandering around, Louis came across the Château de Varennes-Lès-Mâcon, a castle dated from the XIth century.

It was a rainy day, and the place held such an ethereal and gloomy atmosphere that Louis instantly knew it was the perfect place!

"This is it! We have to shoot the film here!" 

First Steps

Louis sent an e-mail to the owner, Mrs Megny-Marquet, who appeared to be very receptive. She agreed to give a tour of her propriety to the film crew. The three men came to the castle for what will turn out to be an absolutely enchanting afternoon!

When they arrived at the Château de Varennes-Lès-Mâcon, Mrs Megny-Marquet was waiting for them on the top of the stairs to the East side terrace.

"At first, during our e-mail exchanges, I thought she was a very nice person. But that day, when I first saw her elegant posture in this beautiful black dress, I immediately knew we'd get along!"

Indeed, after a first handshake, a few words were exchanged around a table on the terrace, and Mrs Megny-Marquet seemed hooked in seconds. Then began the tour of this fabulous ancestral home.

Louis and his colleagues had the privilege to walk through their host's apartments, then they have been guided to the inner yard and the dungeon. 

Aside from that, they could wander the gardens as they pleased.

In the end, they all agreed to meet back in September, for two or three days, to shoot this film. Louis feels very lucky to have found such a perfect place for this project, and to be welcomed by such a generous hostess.

Besides, he really hopes that his fans and followers will help him achieve this ambitious goal, and allow him to make a donation to the castle as a "Thank You" for Mrs Megny-Marquet's wonderful hospitality.

N.B. : In the meantime, we invite you to visit the website of the castle

It is a very immersive and quiet place where you can organize all sorts of events, like a wedding for instance, or just spend a weekend. They rent beautiful and luxury rooms, and the place even holds a refined restaurant.

The perfect place to forget everything for a few days!

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