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First editing steps! - The Outsider

Things are really getting serious these days with Ominous Conclusions!

Last week, Louis eventually finished to arrange the last spots that still needed some orchestral optimisation for his next release. In other words, his three-part orchestral piece, The Outsider, inspired from Lovecraft's story, is now complete!

Now that the writing process is over, Louis moves on to the editing.

As recording a full orchestra is still out of reach financially speaking, he exports all the orchestral instruments as MIDI files and works them into LUNA (Universal Audio), his main digital workstation, using the famous Vienna Instruments Library and other top quality plugins, to ensure the best possible sound.

This is a tedious and meticulous process that requires a lot of work and attention. For the first part alone, we can count many instruments for which he has to manage nuances, expressiveness, and balance between one another:

  • Flutes

  • Clarinets

  • Bassoons

  • French Horns

  • Tuba

  • Timpani

  • Harp 

  • Piano

  • Voices

  • Strings

Nevertheless, the recording sessions are drawing near and should start in a few weeks.

"Music is complicated, and I know that what I intend to do is quite ambitious. Many of my friends and colleagues tell me so. But they also encourage me in many ways, and it is their support, and my followers', that keep me going!"  Louis Nas

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