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H.P. Lovecraft's Anniversary! 😈

Today, Saturday August 20th, is the Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, who was born and who died in the city of Providence (Rhode Island).

As you know, this great author, who has marked the arts and general culture with his fantastic worlds, is certainly my most important source of inspiration!

My music is strongly inspired from his literature; so much that it is deemed "Lovecraftian"!

As a matter of fact, my last release is directly inspired from his famous tale, The Outsider. And I released it last year on August 20th to celebrate and honor Lovecraft's Birthday.

Therefore, it is also the first Anniversary of my EP The Outsider! 🤩

And to celebrate, enjoy 30% OFF ALL MERCH & MUSIC related to The Outsider on my store!



⁠🩸 Grab a copy and let yourself get carried away by this unique ethereal music prone to escapism! You deserve a nice break, and this is an important celebration!

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