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How I got to shoot in a medieval castle! 😱

Have you watched the clip of The Outsider - Part I: Alone ? If not, you may wanna do so before I tell you how I got to play and shoot this beautiful clip in a medieval castle of the XIth century? 😱

Do you want to know how it happened...? It's a crazy story!

The context

In 2021, I was planning the release of The Outsider (my three-part instrumental piece inspired from H.P. Lovecraft's tale) and looking for a place to shoot the music-video. It was a difficult task because although there are a lot of castles in France in my area, most of them are really beautiful and "glowing" properties that you can see from afar, whereas I was looking for something really old and creepy, hidden among the trees, to match the atmosphere of Lovecraft's tale. At that time I was working part time in my ex's company to help out during the containment as they had to put most employees "on vacation" to lower their costs. That day I worked as a remplacement of one of the delivery boys, and I had to go to Château de Varennes-Lès-Mâcon, a renown medieval castle not far from home, but to where I hadn't been yet for some reason... Now the moment I set foot there it was obvious... This was the place I was looking for! The great dark gardens, the looming grey towers, the antiquity of the place, and the tall trees that closed in on it... It was exactly like the tale!

So I met the guy from the castle's restaurant, and asked him about the place; he told me that I could send a message on the website and that the owner, Madam Megny-Marquet, would get back to me. And that she did. Her response was: "Dear Louis, Everything is possible at the castle. Looking forward to meeting you." And just like that we set up a meeting with my film crew so we could scout the place.

The encounter

And the moment I met Madam Megny-Marquet, whom I now call by her first name, Muriel, I instantly knew we would get along! She was wearing a long dark gothic dress with lace; she looked like she came right out of a Tim Burton movie! So I explained my project to her, and then, with my colleagues, we just had a tour of the whole place. And it was even better than we could imagine... I had seen the outside, but the inside was just as incredible. Just so you get the idea, let me tell you something: everything you see in the clip belongs to the castle and has been shot as is! We didn't bring any props!

Like I said, it's just like a Tim Burton movie!

What now?

So, since then:

  • I've been able to come by with my colleagues several times to prepare for the shooting

  • I did a photoshoot there as well

  • And we finally shot the clip

And as I said, Muriel and I really hit it off right away and became very close friends; so I've met all her friends and I often go to the castle to hang out, drink good wine, and eat tasty food! 😁 What a story, right?^^ I've been so incredibly lucky about this! I hope you enjoyed the story, and that, if you haven't watched the video already, it makes you want to! 😉 By the way, maybe I could give YOU a tour of the place someday? What do you think? N.B. Make sure to watch this clip! It's absolutely beautiful!

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