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I did not expect this...

As you know, we're currently celebrating the Anniversary of my EP The Outsider.

And I got an amazing story, something that happened to me last week and that's related but that I really did not expect!

I was having dinner at a great restaurant called Le Moulin de Brandon. It's a wonderful place own by a couple of friends, Joeri and Sarah.

They're from Belgium and they are the most adorable people, and Joeri's cuisine is just outstanding!

Anyway, I went there with my parents and a couple of friends, and as we're nearing desert, Joeri, who loves my music, plays The Outsider on Spotify right there and then! 😱

I'm sure you agree that this is not the kind of music that you play for people in a restaurant... ^^

But the response of the people was amazing...!

They were all listening intensely and Joeri was going from one table to the next saying: "It's this guy who composed this music and who plays the guitar! He's a great composer!"

And the people were truly amazed... They came to me to congratulate me, it was unbelievable!

Here's my friend Joeri and I that night.

Sorry, I know I don't really look good on that picture, but I was just laughing hard right before the shot, and I admit I was a bit drunk... 😅

Now, just like Joeri, help me spread this music!

You still have until the end of the week to enjoy 30% OFF all items related to The Outsider!

😈 => VISIT STORE! <= 😈

Grab the digital EP if you don't have it already, and if you do, then share this music far and wide with your friends and send them to my website so they too can discover my world!

You can also listen to it on any digital platform and share the links!

😈 => STREAM The Outsider <= 😈

Let's share this music far and wide and connect with all Lovecraft's enthusiasts on the planet!

With your help, I can do it! 🤘🏻

Thank you!

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