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😈 I know how you feel... 😈

Have you ever read H.P. Lovecraft's story,The Outsider ?

If not, maybe you've still heard this famous quote, which is featured at the end of the tale:

Indeed Lovecraft was an outsider…

Now how do YOU feel about that?

Do you feel like this as well sometimes?

Like you don’t belong in this world?

Like you're deeply and inevitably ALONE...?

And nobody, even your closest friend(s),

will ever be able to understand how you truly feel...?

If so (and I believe you do), then trust me, we've got a lot in common...

To be honest, here's how I see things...

You see, I'm a decent man... I mean, I live a pretty decent life, and although I don't earn much, I live through my passion everyday. I've got a wonderful family and wonderful friends I can trust with my life. So I got nothing to complain about, really. However, I can't help but being pessimistic...

I can't help but notice all that's so fucked up in this world... I can't help but notice the violence and the malevolence... And face it my own way. I can't help but think the Universe is full of wonderful secrets... But also hides the darkest forces... I can fathom horrors that lie beyond human understanding. I feel like I know it's there... I often dream horrible dreams, which actually inspire most of my material (I'll give you more details about that sometime, but not today. 😅) Mainly, I feel like I have nothing in common with most people around me. I try and adapt to the main conversations and topics, but deeply, most of the time, I actually don't care.

I feel like I see and feel things that go beyond

everyday's petty troubles... or as Lovecraft would call it, "the daily torture of the common place." 😆

How it defines me...

That's why I am so fond of H.P. Lovecraft.

I feel really close to the desperate state his characters fall in...

And to his own cynicism...

I feel like preparing myself to face the

horrors of this world and beyond.

As I said, I'm a decent man, but I often have

trouble connecting with other people...

I feel like I have nothing to say to them...

My friends and family know me as a misanthropist.^^

I live alone in my house in the country,

and to be honest I like that!

I like the quiet, and the loneliness.

I like to be able to hear my own thoughts.

I'm sure you feel the same sometimes, yearning

for something greater than what's given in everyday life. And it helps to meet wonderful and passionate

people from around the world, just like you!

Thank you! Here's to Lovecraft, to this release, and to YOU my friend! Cheers! 🍻

NB: As I've really put my heart and soul in the musical representation of this wonderful story, with all it implies for me, I'm sure it'll echo with you.

This music is made for you! That, I have no doubt!

NB: Pre-save it on Spotify to get notified the minute it's out!

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