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I miss you...

Hey there {{ subscriber.first_name }}, it's Louis. How are you doing? I just wanted to apologize for being absent these days. As you may know, a new opportunity has fallen on my lap at the worst possible moment^^

Let me tell you about this. As I've told you recently, I got approached by a new upcoming platform named Kool Stories.


It's a social media and an e-learning platform that will launch in a couple of months. So basically it's a social media revolving around instructional content, and I think that's great! And I am lucky enough to be one of their first creators! 🤩 I just signed a contract with them last month and I am currently creating content for the Pre-Launch phase of the app. It's very exciting! Let me explain what it's about. On a creator's profile, you can access three things:

  • Posts from the creator

  • Paid courses on different topics related to its skills

  • And an interface to book one on one sessions

So I had to create 5 courses for May 15th! And although that's great, it's also a lot of work! And the thing is, I also have to go away today for two weeks to work at a Jazz Festival; so I had to anticipate the shooting of my new YouTube video lessons for the next six weeks and many other things... So, in the end, I had to shoot and edit about 50 instructional videos in a month! 😱 That's why I wasn't around lately, and I'm very sorry about that... I can't wait to see you again! I miss you! 😢 But I'll be back within the next few days I promise! Have a great week-end my friend! Take care! 🤘🏻 Louis P.S. Most of all, I wanted to dedicate myself to the Patreon which has just launched, but I couldn't, and I didn't give you all I've promised so far... So, to make up for it, I am suspending the next billing cycle! It means that if you decide to join, you will not pay until July. This way, we will have all the time to get started and get accustomed to it together.

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