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Interview with William J. Rogers

Recently, I've been invited on the podcast Creating A Universe, hosted by my dear friend and colleague, William J. Rogers, who's also the founder of LoveAnarchy Records, and the Love Anaverse universe; and the guitarist, singer, composer and producer of La Flavour Nurse. A very, very talented man!

William and I first "met" on Instagram when I released The Outsider. Since then, we've become good friends and we were looking forward to sit down and chat together someday.

He made it happen with his podcast. I must say that I felt very honored to be part of it and I really enjoyed our conversation! I could've done this all day! ^^

We covered so many things, like how I approach composing, how I work day by day, our views on the industry and fans relationships, and of course, what's coming next with Ominous Conclusions, and so much more!

🩸 Make sure to check it out! I'm sure you'll love it! There's so much covered in there!

🩸 Watch it on YouTube to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to William's channel and encourage him! He truly deserves the attention!

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