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Join me on Kool Stories! 🎸

Dernière mise à jour : 7 déc. 2022

Have you heard me talk about Kool Stories in the past few months? Do you know what it is?

What is Kool Stories?

Well my friend, this is the first social learning platform for dynamic learning!

In other words, it is a kind of social media and an elearning platform at the same time, where you can learn all sorts of new skills and interact with like-minded users and creators in passionate communities.

There, you can learn with free short snippet videos through which creators generally share tips and insights, and you can also learn through paid detailed micro-courses including several short lessons.

N.B. These days, they are conducting a Beta Launch for the app. As implied, it is still a Beta version but you can already join and you will get a special gift for early joiners! More about this down below!👇🏻

What I do on Kool Stories

As a guitar instructor, I work on Kool Stories as a creator of guitar and music-related content.

So far I have created fifteen courses for all levels from beginner to advanced player, on several topics, such as:

  • Electric Guitar: An Introduction

  • Guitar Amps & Control Settings

  • How to Tune Any Guitar

  • How to Have Productive Jam Sessions

  • Playing In Front of a Crowd

  • How to Develop Your Sound

And much more...

Why I joined Kool Stories

Kool Stories' team reached out to me last year to become one of the first guitar creators on the platform, and that sounded like a wonderful opportunity!

Besides, I confess that their vision really seduced me. The idea of a social media platform entirely revolving around learning is something that really appealed to me! It's a place for self-improvement, self-fulfillment and sharing.

As a music teacher, I love to share ma passion with my students and other dedicated musicians, and to me, Kool Stories is, without a doubt, the best place to do so!

🎸 What's the Beta Launch?

As I told you earlier, Kool Stories' phone app is still in Beta phase; however, it is functional and already available for download (for free) on the AppStore and Google Play.


Download the App here!


🎸 => By joining the Beta app now you will be one of the first users on the platform and you will be rewarded with A FREE COURSE from me which you can get with the code "LOUIS"

You can choose any of my courses with the code to enjoy it for free.

Download the app and sign up for free, and use your coupon to get your first course from me! 🤘🏻

What to expect on the platform

As I told you, you will join a safe and dynamic space where you can learn new skills with very talented creators and interact with like-minded users.

As for me, I will keep creating new courses for you and see you in the community, and in one-on-one lessons, which is also a feature of the platform.

Now click the link above to get the app, sign up for free, and get your free course!

See you on Kool Stories! 🤘🏻

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