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Lovecraft's Legacy 😈

I'm a great admirer of H.P. Lovecraft's literature, which, as you know, greatly inspires my music in Ominous Conclusions, and I've recently decided to record audio books of some of his stories which will also involve dark atmospheric orchestral music from me.

The Necronomicon
The Necronomicon

First step: the survey

To do so, I've recently put out a survey addressed to my followers so they could share their favorite Lovecraft story(ies) with me, and help me decide which one(s) I will record first.

This survey is still open, and anyone can take it to share their thoughts on the project and tell me about their favorite tale(s).

=> Take the survey here.

Given the results of this survey, and the comments left on the related posts I made recently on social media, Dagon will be the first story to be recorded and produced.

The Statement of Randolph Carter, which was also very demanded, should be next, depending on how the first one goes.

I invite you to share your thoughts about this through the survey. You can take it here.

Next step: preparation

To really create something and ensure the best quality of sound I've ordered a new microphone set and some gear for acoustic treatment.

After several tests, I've now found the proper setup I'll use for the recordings.

To prepare for this work (which is actually harder than we might think at first) I now do several things:

  • daily vocal exercises to deepen and place my voice

  • training myself reading the next, working on articulation and pronunciation

  • working on my accent to make it as neutral as possible, which is a true challenge considering that I'm French 😅

  • and of course, working on the interpretation of the character. I used to be an actor so I love this part. But it is also very challenging to really render the emotions only through reading, while maintaining a clear speech for the audience.

So that's what I'm at these days.

Final step: recording!

My setup being finally in place, I will begin the recordings very soon now.

I have been delayed by some gear issues, and I've taken more time than I thought to come up with the proper setup for me, but it is best that I take the time to do this to ensure the best results in the end.

So I still have to do some more test recordings to listen to my voice and see if it sounds right; and practice some more to adjust.

I will then start the official recordings very soon.

I will keep you posted and let you know how this goes!

Thank you for your support!

Cthulhu Fhtagn' ! 🤘🏻

P.S. I am currently setting up a Patreon for Ominous Conclusions and all my instructional content! You can take this survey to tell me what you'd like to see there and make it worth your while!

But I'll launch it pretty soon and will be posting exclusive "Behind The Scenes" content of the preparation process I've talked to you about, and the recordings!

Consider joining to really take part of the adventure!

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