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As the release of the new EP, The Outsider, is drawing near, a lot of changes have occurred with Ominous Conclusions. These changes applied to every aspect of the project, from the newsletter to the official website, the store, and of course... The Logo!

A stronger statement

With this new design, I intend to really state the identity of Ominous Conclusions!

The former logo was actually a great one that I loved! But I had thought about changing it for some time now...

I came to realize that the design was a little bit too busy, and although it clearly pictured my main influence, which is H.P. Lovecraft, it didn't actually leave enough mind space for Ominous Conclusions.

So I chose the path of simplicity, and boiled it down to this design with the two letters shaping an eye in the middle, using again the incredible skills of Brazilian graphic artist Dianoia Arts!

That way, the project is easily identifiable and still bears an ominous and threatening feel! Besides, my influences are still hinted discreetly with a single tentacle underlying the design. To sum up, nothing's missing and it works!

And what's great with a new design is that it implies NEW MERCH coming with it!!!

=> Read full post on my store!

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