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New track coming soon! 😈

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with my new track in the works, Time...

These are screenshots of yesterday's editing session. I just finished editing the drums and bass parts! YEAH! 🤘🏻

I know I told you that I had edited the virtual instruments already, and I did! What I'm focusing on right now is the nuances: I am editing the velocity of every single note to humanize the playing as much as possible.

This is a long and tedious process but it makes all the difference! In the end, the result is a more natural-sounding piece, even though most instruments are virtualized.

It doesn't really make up for a true ensemble of course, but it still gets close enough.

In the following days I will edit the orchestra in the following order:

- strings


- woodwinds

- chimes and pitched percussions

And next week, I will then finally begin the recordings of the guitars! 🤩

I'll update you soon about this!

Stay put! 🤘

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