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Play chords easily & perfectly! 🎸

Hello there buddy! It's Louis! I hope that you're doing extremely well! Recently, I've been asked several questions about chords and fretboard knowledge, and realized that I'd been kinda neglecting the beginner players for some time. Therefore, I've decided to make a short video series of lessons about practicing chords for beginners! The first lesson, released today, covers how to practice new chords perfectly!

As I said, this lesson is intended for beginner players; but you can still apply this method to work on more advanced chord shapes that you wanna learn. It is still the best way to approach it! The following lessons of this little series on chords will include topics such as:

  • transitioning between chords

  • how to figure out chords everywhere on the fretboard

  • barre chords

Have fun with this! 🤘🏻

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