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Practice less = improve more?! 😱

I don't know if you've seen it, but I recently did a poll on an Instagram story where I asked what people would like to see more in my future videos. I gave three choices:

  • Guitar technique

  • Music theory

  • or life as a musician

And unanimously they voted for "life as a musician". So in this week's video I cover a very essential but most disregarded point of a musician's life: resting!

I tell you how resting well can make you improve more at guitar, even if you practice less! 😱

This is a very important topic so I really encourage you to watch this video and take what I say under consideration, for your own sake!

Let me know what you think and how you plan on implementing this! 🤘🏻

P.S. If you like the video, as always, share it with your colleagues and friends! As I said, this is a very important, but disregarded, topic, and I'm sure this video could help many musicians improve more and feel better at the same time!

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