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The Magic of a "Lovecraftian" Place

Two days ago, by a gloomy cloudy day, my colleagues and I paid another visit to the castle where we plan on shooting the music-video of The Outsider: Château de Varennes-Lès-Mâcon.

The weather was just right and therefore the whole place had this wonderful "lovecraftian" feel that made up my mind the first time I saw it! It was perfect!

We filmed a few angles of the castle in preparation for the presentation video of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Mathieu here is in charge of the preparation and the directing while Florian is the cameraman and will handle post-production once the film is shot.

I am planning a crowdfunding campaign to finance this project because making a three-part music video of the whole EP, for a total fifteen minutes of music and images, is a very ambitious project!

But the people involved are really dedicated! And I want them to be properly paid, as well as fed and housed for the duration of the shooting.

Considering this and the expenses of professional gear rental and post-production costs, I will need your help to see this project come to life!

The beginning of the crowdfunding campaign will be announced shortly.


In the meantime take care, have fun, and stay Metal! 🤘🏻

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