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"The Outsider" - In the works


This is Louis here.

How about I tell you how this wonderful project of mine, The Outsider, goes these days?

Do you wonder where we are, what's done, and what still lies ahead?

Worry not, for I am going to answer all these questions right now my friend.

First, a reminder

The Outsider is, as you may know already, a three-part instrumental piece (forming an Extended Play) for electric guitar and symphonic orchestra, inspired from Howard Phillips Lovecraft's tale.

The three parts are named as follows:

- Part I: Alone

- Part II: An Uncertain Escape

- Part III: A Ghoulish Revelation

Not only is this a wonderful musical project, but I also intend to shoot a beautiful

music-video of the whole piece!

This shooting will take place in a fantastic medieval castle of the XIth century, therefore assuring a profound lovecraftian atmosphere.

I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign to ensure the success of this project:

🪦 🪦

The Music

The music is now almost completed.

Part I: Alone and Part II: An Uncertain Escape have been fully edited and recorded.

The first track has even been mixed and mastered at L'Artisterie in Lyon by my colleague Thibaud Pick, a talented sound engineer.

I am currently finishing the recordings of Part III: A Ghoulish Revelation, before going back to Lyon next week, where I'll be working with Thibaud on the remaining mixes.

Once we've shot and produced the film, the album will then be printed, wearing the wonderful art of Car Lomasaga.

The film production

With my colleagues Mathieu Hoarau and Florian Michel, we already came to the castle more than once to visit the whole place, take pictures, and record some images for the crowdfunding campaign's video.

We are currently elaborating the storyboard of the film, and drawing the schedule of the shooting according to:

- daylight and weather

- shooting locations (indoors and outdoors)

- breaks & lunchtime

- storyboard requirements

This shooting should take place over three days next month, probably from April 10th to April 12th.

A thorough "Behind the Scenes" footage of the whole project will be available later.

So, this is drawing near, and I am very impatient to share this with you!

I will keep you up to date.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, check out the crowdfunding campaign of this project, and help us bring it to life:

🪦 🪦

See you soon! 🤘🏻

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