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The Outsider Part I: Alone - The Shooting

It's been a week since we shot the music video of The Outsider - Part I: Alone at the medieval castle Château de Varennes-Lès-Mâcon.

And I've already got gorgeous pictures of this amazing day!

I had the opportunity to work with Nathalie, a professional photographer who specializes in shooting movie sets, and she does know her job!

She's very quiet, adorable, and efficient! She took over a thousand pictures last week and already sent me a lot of them!

Aside from her, I was lucky to work with a couple of very talented colleagues from the motion-picture business:

  • Mathieu, who's an old friend of mine. He's an actor and a writer, and from time to time he works as a director as well. He was directing the shooting here and elaborated the whole screenplay and schedule of the day.

  • Florian, who's also a director, and an outstanding film technician. He specializes in filming and editing. He was in charge of all the gear and the shooting itself; and he will then edit the whole music-video.

Here's a beautiful picture of the three of us! Florian is the one right behind the camera, and Mathieu standing next to him.

I am really grateful to have such wonderful and dedicated people working on my own project! It really feels great!

More of this to come soon! 🤘🏻

NB: There is still much ahead before the release: mixing, mastering, video editing, promotion...

If you want to support the project, you can contribute to my PayPal pot!

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Thank you so much for your attention and your support buddy! You ROCK! 🤘🏻

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