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The Outsider's cover art revealed!

Good evening and welcome my friend! 😈

On this creepy, gloomy, bleak and uncanny Halloween night, shaped by

Fear, the most ancient and most powerful of all human emotions,

Dedicated weapon of the most influential writer of fantastic literature,

Howard Phillips Lovecraft...

On this creepy night then,

I will now reveal to you

the cover art of Ominous Conclusions' next EP,

inspired from H.P. Lovecraft's tale,

The Outsider

This is the work of the talented graphic artist Car Lomasaga. You can find her services here:

From my point of view, this cover art is both artistically relevant to Ominous Conclusions' general atmosphere, and a smart and beautiful representation of Lovecraft's tale.

Everything is included there, draped in the thick mystery that surrounds this whole wonderful story. 

The dark shape in the middle is impossible to make out. Is it someone, or something...? And what is he/she/it doing in front of this mysterious grating? Is he/she/it breaking in, or out?

Besides, all the surroundings (the arch and walls, the thin grating...) appear almost transparent. As we can distinguish the arch that holds the grating, we can suppose that there are walls around, but we can see the full Moon right above it and its pale light seems to penetrate everything. 

Strange clouds seem to move around the top of the arch, in and out, and down, some insidious mist seems to do the same.

Everything bears this strange ethereal feel...

All of this induces in us this slippery and uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty we experience throughout Lovecraft's tale. And although I am the only one to know that right now, the music will transport you the same way...

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