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The Outsider - The music video already a success! 😈

The music video of The Outsider - Part I: Alone, has been released on Friday August 6th 2021 on YouTube, the day Pre-Sale opened on Ominous Conclusions' store.

This video is already seeing a great success!

Reviews about it have been published by Alternative Control and Metal Devastation Radio, relayed by the Metal blog Arte Metal. Even more are about to come!

=> Read the review on Alternative Control.

Aside from these posts, this video is also subject to a lot of interactions and comments on social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram), and people are saying wonderful things:

Before such enthusiasm, I feel very confident about the rest of the EP.

People really tend to see that I've created something authentic and personal. Many comments insist on how unique this music sounds to them, and this is the best thing I could've hoped for!

That's really what I intended to create: a music that is both close to me and to my audience. It's the most beautiful kind of connection!

I do hope that you like this video, and that the rest of the EP will also meet your expectations!

Behind the scenes

=> JOIN ME TODAY at 7PM GMT on Facebook for a special livestream!

We'll watch the full music-video together and I'll tell you all about it:

- how we came up with the idea

- how we prepared for it and why

- how I managed to shoot in a medieval castle! 😱

- details of the storyboard

- the day of the shooting

- and  how this video features H.P. Lovecraft's tale 

And of course, I'll answer all the questions you may have!

I can't wait to see you there and talk to you buddy! I've been waiting a long time to share this!

💥 => CLICK HERE to join the event so you get a reminder before it starts!

See you there! 🤘🏻

PS: PRE-ORDER your copy on my store and enjoy a 10% Discount off it and all related items until the release on August 20!

PPS: Great bundles available as well! Grab one and save even more!🤘🏻

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