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What is Louis up to with Ominous Conclusions?

As you may already know, Ominous Conclusions is the instrumental progressive metal project of the French guitarist, Louis Nas. 

After the release of his debut album, Prequel, last year, Louis is already close to releasing more music! In resonance with the omnipresent Lovecraft influence of Ominous Conclusions, this future release will take the form of an EP featuring a three-part musical piece for electric guitar and symphonic orchestra, named after one of the famous author's tales, The Outsider.

This particular tale is by far one of Louis' favorites, and one of the firsts he ever read. Hence, since the beginning, it was for him an absolute certainty (close to a duty, really) to make music out of it one day.

Louis' instrumental version of The Outsider closely follows Lovecraft's story, even though it is a different form of art. This is even more emphasized by the piece's three-part division, acting like the chapters of a book:

  • Part I: Alone

  • Part II: An Uncertain Escape

  • Part III: A Ghoulish Revelation

For now, The Outsider is still a work-in-progress, though the composing is almost completely done, and the recording sessions are drawing near. No dates are fixed yet, but we can expect a release for the Autumn, approximately.

In the meantime, photoshoots are scheduled in the weeks to come to visually prepare the audience for this project's uncanny and yet elegant ambiance. And the making of a video clip for the whole piece (all three tracks!) is also planned during Summer. The shooting might take place in a beautiful castle in the region of Burgundy, France. Do not worry, updates will be thoroughly made in due time.

Finally, nothing is definite yet, but this release might be subject to crowdfunding. In that case, you may have the opportunity to take part in this unsettling and elegant adventure!

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