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Why "The Outsider"...?


It's been three weeks today since my EP, The Outsider, inspired from H.P. Lovecraft's tale, has been released.

Three weeks already...

Time goes by pretty fast, right?!

Anyway, before saying anything, let me remind you that the video analysis of the whole EP (all three tracks) have also been released on YouTube.

⚠️ N.B.: Note that in these videos (as well as in this article), I disclose important elements of the original story; so, if you haven't read it, please do so before pursuing.

See how I came up with this music and how it relates to Lovecraft's tale:

Special Thanks

Also, I want to take the time to thank Curtis from C Squared Music for the wonderful promotion he did of that piece, and all the magazines and bloggers who followed and contributed to help this music get heard.

Among them is Jai Anderson "That Aussie Metal Guy" from CRANNK whom I had the immense honor to meet last week as he interviewed me about this release.

Here's the full video of our conversation:

I have also a livestream interview scheduled on September 29th with Alex from Blood of Indigo on Instagram!

Keep your eyes open for that one!

Now, why The Outsider

Okay, I've eluded the question long enough now, so let's get to it...^^

As you most certainly know already (I've been talking day and night about The Outsider for about a year now^^), the first time I read that story I instantly knew I had to do something about it.

But things actually go deeper that just a reader's impression and interest...

See, this story, somehow, defines me to my core...

I, myself, live alone in a house in Burgundy (France) among the vines, and I like that...

I enjoy the piece and quiet.

I like to spend my time:

  • studying music and harmony,

  • work on my projects,

  • compose,

  • practice guitar...

In short, I like having time and space to think and dedicate myself to my passion. It's really fulfilling to try and become a better version of yourself every day, and never stop learning.

But there's another side to that truth...

The thing is, to be honest, that I usually don't really enjoy the company of others... I'm kind of a misanthropist.

Well, take this with a grain of salt of course, for I'm very sociable in fact. And I am lucky to know lots of people from all around the world who love me.

I'm also lucky to have a wonderful family and, above all, wonderful friends I love and I can count on.

But mostly, I just like spending time exclusively with people I really like, and I'm not friends with everybody.

I really choose my friends with a lot of care, and according to high standards.

I know I sound like a jerk right now...

That said, again, I'm very sociable and I'm mainly really nice to others regardless of the situation.

But you'll never see me go to a night club or even a bar (well, I still love Irish pubs!^^).

And I usually avoid crowded birthday parties or weddings.

And even if I love spending time with a small group of dedicated friends, at some point, I have to withdraw back to my cave.^^

I need to be alone with myself.

The monster's impossible cravings

And here we are...

Sometimes, of course, I do feel the need to join others, just like in Lovecraft's story.

Sometimes, loneliness can become a burden; but if it's the reason why I try and reach out (which is not a good reason in itself), I often end up bored at least, sometimes even angry...

For I have this unfortunate tendency to see what's fucked up with people...

And although of course there are tons of very decent people, there are still a lot that have such a selfish and disrespectful mentality...!

I feel that through the small details: the way they talk to others, the disrespectful and seamless way they boss everybody around, how they look at them sometimes, the way they focus on the small, unimportant things and their petty comfort...

And the worst part is that even the decent people are often, at best, really not interesting...

That's how I feel mainly. And I know, that's not great...

But I've always treated everyone with respect and kindness (except the jerks of course!^^)

So that's why this tale echoes so deep inside of me: it speaks to my misanthropy. ^^

ANYWAY, trust me if I say that, no matter what, I love you buddy! 😁

For if you're here reading this, it means that we've got some deep things to share, and we're bound by our mutual passion(s). 🤘🏻

PS: I hope I've not offended you in any way through this post... If so, believe me, I did not mean to.

Just bear in mind what Molière says in his play The Misanthropist:

"Sur quelques préférences une estime se fonde,

Et c'est n'estimer rien qu'estimer tout le monde."

It means that to think highly of someone is always a choice, and it would make no sense to do that with everyone. That's why I'd rather choose a small amount of wonderful friends than be friends with everyone.

PPS: If you're not mad and still want to support me (😅) you can Get The Outsider on my store here. ^^

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