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I've been teaching guitar and music theory to dozens of students over the years, and I've also started to share my knowledge on YouTube as well. 

I offer individual online lessons on many topics ranging from guitar techniques and soloing, to harmony and composition techniques, according to your level and goals.

I can also create instructional content (parts, videos...) for you and/or your own students.

Session Guitarist

As a professional guitarist, I took part in many projects, both live and in the studio:

  • Bands (Dreamslave, Régence)

  • Theater plays

  • Movies...


Therefore, I offer my services as a live performer or recording musician on your project



I've worked as a composer for many years in different contexts:

  • Bands

  • Movies

  • Theater companies

  • Audio books...

I offer to compose music for you in any genre (Metal, orchestral, Fusion...) and atmosphere, according to your project's requirements.

To ask for a quote, fill out the form below and give me as many details as possible:

  • The service you're interested in

  • The nature of your project

  • Your budget

  • Your deadlines and/or schedule...

I will then send you a quote for you to confirm before we can start working together.

Thank you for reaching out. I will send your quote quickly.

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